House Extensions Ashford Kent

House Extensions Ashford Kent

With the average UK house size now smaller than ever before many people are considering extending their home; if you have additional space at the side or rear of your property, a house extension will provide you with extra space for storage, entertaining friends or family life in general. With the governments relaxed planning laws an extension is a viable option for almost anyone.

Creating Additional living space in Ashford is becoming more popular than ever, house extensions represent a genuine opportunity to add value to an existing property. However for many embarking on a project such as a house extension is a worrying prospect; how do we go about the design? What do we need to consider regarding planning? What is a reasonable budget?

At Darren Epps, we will support you throughout the process this includes providing you with design ideas and technical drawings, helping with the planning process including permitted development, working out costings for your project and ultimately building your new extension.

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Purpose Built Rooms

Should you be dreaming of a new space in your home for a specific purpose, an extension represents the perfect solution. Home gyms, studies, kids playrooms, cinema rooms, additional bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens. The list is virtually endless;

The addition of running water by way of an extra toilet, shower or wetroom will significantly increase the resale value of your home. In our experience, this is particularly attractive for larger families or those that have elderly relatives living with them.

Should you wish to achieve a modern look the addition of roof lights, bi-fold door or even glass walls will make your new living space appear more spacious, bright and welcoming.

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Average Costs

Extensions can vary in cost a simple extension utilising lower priced materials can be relatively inexpensive.

All products used adhere to relevant building regulations, an extension will not break the bank yet the benefits will be significant.

In some cases, the use of larger roof lights containing UV responsive glass or high-quality bifold doors can increase the cost.

The materials used will often be dependent on a few variables client budget, the proposed design along with the need to make the extension fit seamlessly with the existing building.

Other elements that can affect the price of your proposed extension include the addition of running water along with the final finish and fittings.

Rest assured It is our policy to advise our customer on the best way to achieve their goals at the lowest cost possible.

An example would be that of a simple 12×10 foot extension complete with roof light coming in at roughly £23,500 it is sensible to budget for an additional £1500 which will cover any building regulations and planning fees.

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House Extensions The Benefits

  • Extending your home in order to gain more space is a cost-effective option, why move home and incur all of the associated costs (not to mention upheaval) when you can simply extend your living space.

  • House extensions can be used for practically any purpose including home offices or additional bedrooms.

  • House extensions will add value to your property this can be useful if the long-term plan is to move.

  • Providing the correct building materials are used a house extension will blend seamlessly with your existing property.

Why Use Us?

We Understand Your Needs

With over 37 years experience in the building industry, Darren and his team understand how to build extensions that will achieve your goals. A short no obligation site survey will enable you to show Darren any drawings or sketched ideas.

What About Planning?

Darren will be able to advise as to whether your plans will be achievable along with under the Permitted Development rules or if you will need to seek planning permission.

Can You Help With Design?

If you are unsure of the type of extension you are looking for, we will arrange for drawings to be created of your proposed design.

What Will I need To Do?

We will provide you with a written and fully itemised estimate. Should you wish to go ahead we will help you to navigate building control and if necessary planning.

What Can I Expect?

All contractors that work in your home will be organised by Darren and included within your estimate; this approach allows our customers peace of mind as you will have one point of contact throughout the process.

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